Thursday, July 19, 2007

Reporting live from Ft. Myers beach...

This is the view out our sliding doors and screened in lanai. In the morning, I can have my coffee and watch the beach come alive. And, in the evenings, I can watch the sun set or, like last night, watch the storm move through with E as we shared a glass of wine.

Last night there were some kids playing croquet on the beach. I have not played this game since I was very young and the family would celebrate summer holidays at my aunt and uncle's cottage on the Cedar River in Iowa. I told E not long ago that I'd love to turn our lower back yard into a croquet field...funny what nostalgia can do to a gal, huh?

Morning comes slowly and softly to the beach here. It starts around 5:30 with faint light to the south with tangerines, muted purples, and bands of pale pink increasing as the sun rises. The colors in the sky turn the early morning calm of the Gulf into a prism. By 6:30, we had a soft haze which softened the palm fronds against the sky. The sun is rising now and I want to take a walk along the shore before it gets too warm and the beach gets too busy.

We have a few errands to run this morning to get ready for the rest of the crew. My sister makes the best pulled pork and we need to pick up the groceries for her. Sat. is move in day for most and we like to have a late lunch ready for everyone.

Tonight we are having dinner with our two friends, Dewey and Karen. It will be good to see them again.

Enjoy your day!


:Jayne said...

I can see your beach by your description! Enjoy your week at the beach!


Ginni C. said...

Love the description of the beach sunrise. Hmmm, doing your past life regression here .... methinks you were an English teacher in a previous life.


Jules said...

Ah, yes Ginni...PAST

madelineas said...

Sound like a little bit of heaven Jules. Love pulled pork, yummy. You need to share the recipe when you get back...please

WAgal said...

Not THAT is paradise!!! WOW!

karen j said...

Hi Jules-oohh cant wait to get to the Atlantic side with the kids-they love the beach-sent an email last night-dont know what the problem is!! enjoy...karen

Pam in Moncton said...

Looks like a lovely spot! I always enjoy your descriptions, whether of flowers or sunrises.