Sunday, July 22, 2007

Typing fast....

before I lose the internet connection here at the resort. We've been having some terrific storms here at the beach and that may be the cause of the often difficult abili

ty to connect and post.

The storm yesterday afternoon was awesome to watch...a lightening show with thunder booms for sound effects. The sky turned all colors and shifted through them over and over. Last night's sunset was so spectacular as to require sunglasses (slight exaggeration here) and this morning sun rise was only a degree less beautiful. I'll post pics when I am more sure of a steady connection. I have only one to two bars and those are not often reliable.

Kip and Janet are coming today to join us here at the resort with the Kipster staying the night. We have a couple of options for our evening activity and will play it by ear.

Have a great day all and for those who wanted my sister's recipe for pulled pork, I'll oblige as soon as I can. thanks, Jules

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Janet M said...

Jules - Waht a wonderful day with you, Gene, Kip and all the others. I'm taking good care of the baby. LOL