Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday Monday

It's the start of a new week. The sun is out here, the hibiscus are opening up their colorful array and we even have a nice breeze. I may just put some air in the bike tires and head out through the park to the Pinellas trail. And then again, maybe

I do want to get to the library today. We have the most wonderful new (but smallish) public library. The NEW books section is well stocked and I can always find a couple of fiction books I have not read along with a biography or two. When I could not sleep last night and it was too late for an Ambien, I started rereading the DiVinci Code as it was the first book I found in the guest room closet.

I have to go by the post office and mail off a couple of kits too and can do that on the way home from the library. I may even find some time to finish up that last layout laying on my desk.

I bought some wonderful papers this past weekend at Ruban Rouge. I got tons of the Luxe ones along with almost every jotter they make and several of the new ones by 3 Bugs in a Rug and more by Making Memories. Can't wait to clear my work table and dig in.

Off to breakfast. Great day to all.


:Jayne said...

Your leisurely day sounds like Heaven and you have just the right town to spend it in! While I was reading I could see you on your bike pedaling to all those places and I'm jealous!
I hope it was a good day!


susie said...


Checkout my version of your "Love" kit. You can get to my blog thru Jayne's.