Monday, August 27, 2007

Too hot to trot!

This is an old expression my grandmother use to use and I never understood what it meant. From what I can gather, it means that it is too hot outside to have horses trot or something like that. Whatever it means, that is how I interpret it and it is so true during these 'dog days of August'...another old saying.

I was burning some cds to get pics off my desktop, when I came across this picture taken at the Castle Winery here in Tarpon (yes, the very same place we almost got thrown out of for disorderly It took this looking up into the grape arbor. It is such a cool and serene photo, that it makes me feel cool too.

Lots of things happening soon...will update later. Have a good one.


madelineas said...

Sounds like the way to interpret it to me too Jules. Love the picture of the grapes.

Fletch said...

Love that picture!!! I got the privilege of seeing one of your layouts in person at CKC this weekend. The Scrapbooks and Stickers booth was one of my favs because they had all the awesome Fancy Pants stuff!!!!!

Chris said...

disorderly conduct???? man girl! maybe we shouldnt meet lol. great pic!