Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wish it was Fall....

About the only season I miss since we've moved to the Tropics is Fall. For some reason, seeing the school buses on the roads the other day, triggered my "I need
Autumn" response. Those of you who have followed my blog (and for that I thank you) know that almost every October, E and I head back 'home' to St. Louis. We combine a visit with his mom who will turn 90 this Oct. with visits to all our friends. The one given each year is that we will go on the Missouri Wine Tour. We meet at one winery, listen to music, have warm fresh bread, amazing cheeses and taste the fruit of the vine. We hope our timing is good to wear sweatshirts for the cool air and that the leaves have started to change. And, of course, my favorite tee shirt has to be my Old Wino one that looks like the Old Navy logo. Match it with the "Got Wine" visor that Kim and Barb picked up for me on one of their adventures, throw in a soft pair of jeans, my one pair of great socks and comfy shoes and I am ready.

We are not sure if we are going to make the trip home this year or not. We generally stayed a couple of days at E's mom's house, took her to some dr. apt. and either out to eat or E cooked one of her favorite meals for her. This year she moved into E's brothers house and hers is up for sale. I'm doubtful that we could stay there. I would be very uncomfortable staying at E's brothers for a variety of reasons so if we do go home, I'll probably stay with friends and try to find a way to visit with mom at least once. Only time will tell how this whole thing will play out but I do know that if we go, the Winery tour is a must!

Off to is hotter than hell here again today and, despite some cleaning I MUST do, I also need to scrap. Will post any projects when they are done. Have a great and creative day!


Kip said...

What's in those bins?

madelineas said...

LOL at Kip.
Jules I hope you get to make the trip, I remember last year when you went it turned really cold on you.

Pam in Moncton said...

Are those grapes in the bins? Marcel thought it was funny when I told him there were wineries in Missouri. This was after he got one of those job notices that he gets every so often from various places, this time from Missouri. He said he never heard of wine from there and I said I had it on the best of authority that there was! Give me a couple of months and I'll send you a new batch of leaf pictures.

D2 in MO said...

Marcel must not be a true wine drinker!! True wine drinkers will drink wine from anywhere--even Romania. Hell yes we have wonderful wineries all over Missouri (there's even some close by in Illinois). Unlike the West Coast, MO wineries normally don't charge you to taste, let you try as many tastes you want, allow you to bring in food AND let you consume wine on the premises. Jules, we'll miss you/Gene this autumn as we're going to Rocheport, MO; Grafton, IL and Hermann, MO!! Andiamo l'azienda vinicola!! (Let's go to the winery!!)