Thursday, September 06, 2007

Broadcasting live from somewhere in Arizona

Yesterday had to be one of the longest days but one jammed packed with hysteria. What else could I expect with this group of crazed women? I arrived at the Phoenix airport at 9:27am having left Tampa at 7:40am. What this means is I am now somewhere between these two time zones in no-man's land.

I met up with Jill in the Phoenix airport and spent a cheerful couple of hours (see picture)waiting for Janet to arrive. Once her plane arrived, we found a van driver who was willing to stop at a grocery/liquor store on our way to the resort so we are set with junk food and wine to last us the rest of the visit. Miami Dawn was already here.

Kip, Mary and Linda finally got in around 6:30pm and off we went to dinner where we met up with our old CKMB Early Bird pals, Pam from Canada and by bike buddy, Karen from outside of Boston. (see Kip's blog for this pic)

This place is so beautiful done in the lovely adobe motif of the region. The picture of the mountain is Squaw Peak for which the resort is named.

Linda, Dawn, Mary Mary, Pam and Karen are all off on a HumVee trip through the desert and Kip, Janet and I are off on an adventure of our own...a self directed tour of the scrap stores here in Phoenix. The event actually starts around one with check in but, not being people who enjoy standing in lines, we'll amble in a tad later.

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Michele L from Tampa said...

man that place is beautiful! sounds wonderful already and many more days to come

:Jayne said...

Sounds like you are having fun! Enjoy for me!