Tuesday, September 11, 2007

CE projects....my version (more tomorrow)

The first project was my favorite in terms of the potential for future use. This soldered pendant is 1.5x.5 and incased in microscope glass. After I soldered it, I added some copper Krylon inks to "antique" it a bit as the silver was really bright. The little girl is my mother at 4. I am feeling ambitious and want to try a collage about 8x10, perhaps. Cross your fingers and wish me luck.

I am not a big card maker so this class was not something I would have signed up for. The cards are cute and it was easy to make a few little changes. For example, on the file folder one, the teacher had the ribbons tie the front closed. I kept mine open and put a corner and a tag inside so the card opened up. I didn't do the 5th. one. These were a bit too easy, imho, for the caliber of the event.

The next project was also on my top favorites list from the event. The holder is a plastic folder folded in half. I obviously need some practice with the book binding tape but I am in love with this project and very pleased how mine turned out.

The last project I have posted looks absolutely nothing like the sample. Heidi Swapp did a beautiful job with her canvas creation but it was not anything I would ever use. Rather than wasting the goodies, I learned the technique Tim Holtz taught her for applying the distressing inks and did my own thing. I used the bird mask on the mirror but there were no StayzOn inks available in class so I'll redo that (and get rid of the fingerprint too) later. I also want to do a pale green color wash over the brown. I wish she had taught the technique right at the start of class rather than waiting until most of us had started or perhaps I am just not a patient person (fancy that...lol)

Tomorrow I will post the calendar pages from that class before I put them into the mail to my great niece. I will never use them. I'll redo the calendar so it works for me. This was one of the most disappointing classes. I'll also post my stamped and smeared album from Rhonna's class. I'll probably cover the pages I've stamped with paper and find another use for this. This class was the most disappointing because I love Rhonna's designs and thought we'd get lots of great information and ideas. I didn't come to this event to be given a 21 days to break a habit/get a new habit in place lecture.

Ending on a more positive note...Have a Great Day!


Jennifer and Kim said...

Jules, I have tried to reply by e-mail but it won't go through. We can ship product to you. Just let us know what you would like and just call the store at 480-834-0286. Let me know if you need any closeups of product before you decide what you want! Again, you Florida ladies are too much fun!

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