Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Thurs.

It is offical...I am OLD! I am now on high blood pressure meds, a diuretic, and a anti-0steo w/vitamin D. If I don't take these, the Dr. told me my quality of life would diminish as in no biking, increased headaches with strong risk of a stroke (from the bad ol' days when I smoked)and other factors.

The good news is my mammo came back clean and I got A+++ on all my blood tests. I am even sounding old today, obsessing over my health...sorry about that.

In an effort to stave off some of the aging side effects, E and I are making some life changes....not too many but a few that are long overdue. We are going to walk 30min. at least 4x a week (I'll try to bike in between since I love it so) and we have started South Beach again. We could both take off 30lbs and be much healthier people. South Beach worked for us before we went to Italy and we are aware of our need to take off weight for good.

We had a great walk this morning but went way beyond our 30 min. The park gate was open on our way home and we roamed through. We saw such beautiful wild flowers and the birds were singing their little hearts out. E still has not seen the river from the park or the fishing dock or the beach there but we can save those to look forward to.

I've been scrapping! I finished two layouts and have 2 more all blocked out. Creative Escape, while it was not the "life altering" experience a few women said they had, was impetus for me to get back in the groove!


crazydarla said...

Awright lady, if taking BP meds makes YOU old then what does that make ME?? LOLOL I hope they all work out for you and you are feeling tip top soon! So proud of you and E for making the choice to get healthier - no time like the present I say! The other night on Biggest Loser they made a comment about "you only get one body..." and it just brings it all that much closer to home for me - I am sure it does you guys too! You two found each other in your prime and have A LOT to do and I know you will do and see it all as long as you have your health! Way to go!!!
Big luvs!

WAgal said...

South Beach is a wonderful style of eating. Have had 2 doctors recommend it to me. Walking is always a good way to maintain good health, too. You are lucky that you can pronbably be out walking year round pretty much. Glad everything else checked out good. All in all sounds like you are doing pretty fab for your age Jules.

madelineas said...

Jules you are not OLD---my mom used to tell everybody "she was like a fine wine, she just got improved with age" Happy all the other tests were fine.

Pam in Moncton said...

Good for you on all the positive aspects of your check-up. It is always a good adea to do things to get even healthier. I like the South Beach diet even though I didn't lose any weight when I tried it. Marcel did, which makes it worse!

Kip said...

Happy birthday to my favorite cook!!!!