Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to E!

Today is Gene's 62nd. birthday and, as is our tradition, I sang the Birthday song to him off key (hard to sing it any other way for me) and gave him big smoochies. I'll take him out for an early supper later.

We took our half hour walk and explored the North Anclote Preserve more today. I showed E where the fishing dock is and,other than some flies driving us nuts, we had a great walk. Two days in a row...some record for us. lol

I've got some things I am working on and one is helping plan the big Halloween Crop along with all the other members of the DT, for the Creative Scrap Shack ( For those of you who frequent the board (and you is such a fun place), if you get a package from Tarpon Springs, don't throw it away. Just a hint, dears.

Had a dermo apt. this morning about the crud on my right foot and ick...more pills and two ointments but he did give me the bleach cream for the age spot on my cheek...ah, vanity!

Off to scrap! Have a great one.


Pam in Moncton said...

Happy birthday Gene!

Chris said...

happy birthday!!!!!!!