Sunday, September 16, 2007

RIP Harry

Yes, is sad but of Harry, my big computer whom I had a love/hate relationship with for the past almost 7 years, have died a noble death. Rather than trying to replace those non-functioning parts, Rob (one of the two members of "Mom's Personal Geek Squad") has decided we would be better off just getting a new computer. He says he will be able to put the two hard drives into the new one so I guess Harry is going to be resurrected of . Not quite the old Harry but not another totally new one either...more like Harry 1 1/2. lol

Off for our morning walk and am pleased to announce I have lost 5 1/2 lbs so far and E has lost a bit more. When we get home, we're pricing items for the garage sale and waiting for Rob who has is working overtime this morning at his full time job.

We had fun with the kids yesterday as always. The food was good and the company delightful.

I'll post some pics later when I get the chance. Have a good one and Happy Sunday!


Kip said...

Great news on the weight loss and too bad about need to junk Minnie too :)

susie said...

Jules, keep up the good work. Exercise does work. I lost lots of weight while I exercised & dieted, but then leveled of when I quit the exercise. So lots of luck to you and E.

Miss ya and the rest of the gang, the much much older sis!!

madcow said...

So peed I missed you yesterday ... never mind! Our day will come! Belated smoochies to E for his happy day. I think I've gained overnight what you & E have just lost. What's the secret? Love & hugs Clare
PS. Farewell dear Harry!