Monday, September 17, 2007

Rubber Suit Girls Rule!

My friend, Roz, sent me this very cute little diver with her wet suit, flippers and mask to commemorate our first meeting. We both attended Ginni's Paradise Found crop along with an assortment of other scrappers. There was a fun place for the weekend with a pool and a fantastic view of the Homassasses River (which I am sure I have spelled incorrectly).

Several of us decided to go on a side trip so we could Swim with the Manatee. It was an incredible experience and I've scrapped several layouts about it. The most amazing thing, in my opinion, is how stunned (er, ah stunning) we middle aged women looked in our black wet suits. Anyone who tells you that black is always so slenderizing was obviously not one of our group that day! We declared ourselves the wonderful, amazing Rubber Suit Girls...long shall we rule over the river! lol

Many thanks to Roz. I'll name the cutie and she shall have a place of honor in my scrap room where I can see her. She sure brings back some great memories of that fun experience!


Fletch said...

I feel your pain about the wet suits!! Had to wear one whitewater rafting - NOT a pretty sight!

eljay716 said...

I have one of those too! MY friend Roz sent it to me. And I think the only thing wrong with Homosassa is you have too many asses!

Mary B said...

That place was neat! We should go back there.

Roz said...

Glad that you love your rubberkiddo! Mine also has a place of honor in my "CRAP" room as Gary lovingly calls it. HUG*HUG*KISS*KISS rubbersuited smoochie girl!