Sunday, October 14, 2007

Good to be home

What a great time I had this weekend. Nothing beats hanging out with a bunch of gals who love to have fun, are very creative and love to laugh. Kip and I had our usual misadventures on our trip back to St. Pete and then I headed a bit more north to my home in Tarpon Springs.

The kids are on their way home from a corn maze and will come by in a bit. It is so great having them live so close. I am spending Halloween Day at K's school helping her with her class party. Starting in Nov., I'll be giving her a half day or a day a week as a classroom volunteer. I loved the time I spent in her classrooms in the past and have such fun with the little munchkins.

Creative Scrap Shack Challenges go up tomorrow and there are some great ones coming. This is an incredibly talented group of women who belong to this wonderful community.

On the way home from Kip's I thought about all the ways I am blessed and being a member of a couple of great communities is one of the many blessings. I can sit by a cyber fountain and have coffee in the morning with a delightful bunch of tootsie dippers, I can have my second cup of java in ICQ with my pal in Ill, chat with my Ft. Myers gals, the Hilltop Memories cuties and end my day with WineThirty with my pal, Pam on IM. I have friends from one coast to the other and have actually met many IRL. The older I get, the more important my friends have become to me. I have the Tampa gals and my Twinks on the other side of our state with a couple of the Rubber Suiters just down the coast along with the infamous Ft. L gals and our very creative Miami Dawn with my beloved Anne, Pete, Moni and Janet or the EBs like Maria, who always has our bail money close at hand.
And the Bench Warmers...bless you all.

Certainly can't leave our St. Louis connection who keep us in touch with our "home". Love to D2, Steve, Jadee and her beautiful babies, Chuck and Linda, Nick and Kay and on and on.

I live in a lovely home, in a darling town, in a great state and live does not get any better than this.


Janet M said...

Jules, it's because your such a good friend that you have so many wonderful ones. It sounds like your weekend was perfect.

Chris said...

wahooo so good to know the we are dirinking coffee together!

pambennett said...

I *heart* you, Jules :)