Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pumpkin, pumpkin...who's got the pumpkin

Linda handed out naked pumpkins to all of us and challenged us to create. Kip and I elected to do our for our homes while other...coughGerri-annecough elected to go all out to win the prize for the contest: a free ticket to Winter Retreat. Ahem!

I inked my pumpkin, brushed it with Stickles and put on the leaves. I loved how it turned out especially the Tim Holtze Grunge Letters that I inked, sanded and reinked.

Here are some of the amazing creations this wonderfully creative group turned out for this fun part of our weekend crop.

And then there is G-a's diomrama completed with blinged SUV and 'blazing' campfire.

I'll let you know the winner tomorrow and post the costumes from the costume contest. Kip and I went as Kip and Jules.


Tricia said...

Wow those pumpkins are all so beautiful! I really love yours Jules....totally goes with your other fall decor!

Daphne said...

Good Luck, G-A! LOL!

Awesome pumpkins and girls...I think it is pretty crazy that y'all went as yourselves!!! That's just my style, lol!

:Jayne said...

I love Gerri Anne's moxie! She's my kinda woman! Go Girl!
Why does she need a ticket?? She'll just sleep in her car! LOL!

Janet M said...

The pumpkins turned out wonderful. It sounds like the crop was great from beginning to end.

Deanna said...

How fun! Winter retreat has been on my mind! I missed the last one but am determined to go to the next! Glad you're enjoying yourself!

LIZZEE said...

I just love them awesome