Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy First of October

The MS crop was lots of fun and my class went well, despite the 'hecklers' know who you are you funny girls! I got my circle journal completed along with lots of other projects and layouts which I will post later. I handed this off to Lisa L from Kit N Kaboodle and am awaiting mine from another member. There are only 8 or 9 of us in this so it is not going to be like the time I was getting a CJ every two weeks! I decided to make mine a "true daily double"/a true CIRCLE journal and used the 8x8 chipboard circles from Rusty Pickle. My theme is Women and the Hats they Wear. I have used this theme in a CJ before with such wonderful results and the women in this CJ group are so talented, I can't wait to see how this goes. The "hats" in my CJ are the jobs and roles we take upon ourselves as women. I asked each member of the CJ group to pick one of her "hats" and use two facing circles to explore this. I wanted the journal to be rich and lovely so selected a vintage look to my entry. My grandmother worked in a hat factory before she married and never left the house w/o one. I wanted some of this heritage reflected in my CJ. The last photo of this lot is where everyone signs in. I'll replace the large O ring with some hand dyed silk French ribbons I have in my stash when I get the journal back. It is easier with the ring for the participants to remove the panels they need.

The last pics are my scrap area at the MS crop. Jackie did an incredible job with this event! Bravo! It is a wonder with all the 'scrap crap' I took, that I had any space in which to create....but I did and had such a fun time.

I know that Kip has more pics on her blog so I am off to take a gander. Want to join me? I'll buy the coffee!


Robin said...

WOW jules!! !love the journal!!!

Chris said...

stunnning!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the circle journal

Jenelle said...

Big wow on the CJ, it looks simply amazing!