Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Hour at Miss Vickie's

When we taught high school in St. Louis, Friday afternoon happy hours were what got us through many a tough week. The location was often announced at faculty meetings earlier in the week or via a phone chain so every one knew. These happy hours provided us an opportunity to vent and deal with stress, to connect as people other than teachers and to just plain have fun.

We have missed these happy hours since our move to Florida. We did find a fun dive in Ft. Myers and, during the cooler winter months, would meet up with our neighbors at Mullock Creek Marina for a cold beer or two.

Yesterday, E and I decided that we needed to celebrate Friday. Being retired and not on a set work schedule, we often let one day blend into another. We joke that we get the newspaper so we can keep track of what day each is.

We discovered Miss Vickie's through an acquaintance of our son, Rob. We've been several times and really enjoy the laid back atmosphere of this bar and grill on the Anclote River. We can watch the boats head out to the Gulf and see sponge boats returning home with their finds. The lighthouse is about a 5 minute boat ride from this place and there are rental boats available. The specialty of the house is boiled peanuts and our visit was not complete until we had a small bowl to accompany our brews. We always get the cajun sauce and am never disappointed. I had never had this Southern treat until Miss Vickie's.

Don't forget the Halloween Bash cyber crop at Creative Scrap Shack today. Hope to see you there!


Kip said...

I love boiled peanuts and have never been there so add it to places we need to go...guess I need to be there on a Friday~!

Chris said...

wowsa looks like paradise :D

Mae said...

Those peanuts do look good!


:Jayne said...

Oh put me there! I love boiled peanuts, but have to admit for years thought ewwww!
I need a happy hour there, okay, I just need happy hour!