Friday, October 19, 2007


Morning all, and a happy Friday to you. We are pretty much taking the day off here in Paradise. We have lunch out on the agenda and a Happy Hour visit to Miss Vickie's (a bar and grill) on the Anclote River scheduled for later in the afternoon.

It is muggy and very hot here today so we elected today as our no walk day. We'll be back on schedule tomorrow rain or shine. I wish E would get his least that way there is a bit of a breeze and the urge to bike faster (more breeze) is good!

He is painting the great room this weekend. We've selected a brownish red. It is very dramatic but I think it will be a lot prettier than the dark olive that the previous owners had. It may take some getting use to but so do all changes we make in life or even in something like a room in a house.

I am pretty well over the whole HOF/CK scandal. As I told someone, at least now we know we are not paranoid. Now we know what many of us have suspected, that several if not many of the entrants are pre picked for the 'contest'. And is CK going to make this right...I doubt it. The book is already out in stores and I seriously doubt that they will make the HOFers who broke the rules and used photos by others rather than their own to step down. CK will do what it has always done and wait til our interest wanes and we move on to the next excitement in the sb world. Is it right? No but it is human nature.

I am so glad our dear pal, Mama Jayne and her family are ok. A big tornado hit up her way in Pensacola and right near where her husband worked. Glad you are all ok my friend!

Will post pics if I take any from lunch and Miss Vickie's. Everyone can use a little R&R! I have some cleaning in here to do first so I am ready to play at the cyber crop tomorrow at Come on over and join the fun.

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LIZZEE said...

Ohh I'll have to peak in .. i have been so busy with being sick and helping hubby etc..
Sounds like a fun day