Monday, October 29, 2007

What a great weekend

We had such a nice Sunday. We biked in the morning with E on his spiffy new bike. It was far too hot to bike to the Greek Festival at St. Nicholas' as we had planned so we parked the car at the old Train Depot in town and hiked a few blocks. It was probably a good thing because after all we ate, we sure needed that walk!

We split an order of pastitsio and muousaka. These came with rich, warm bread, a side of Greek salad and the portions were more than generous. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. We visited with the bakery folks for some time and finally took one of almost everything. My still favorite...baklava. It is so sweet my teeth itched! lol We watched all the cute kids in native costumes dancing and then headed home.

We sat around the pool when we got home with a glass of wine. E was reading a Greek cookbook he got as a gift a few Christmas' ago and I was finishing off a paper back. We had to call Rob as we mucked up the tv again and could not change channels and find our jazz! Thank God for the I am sure they often just shake their heads and worry about having to put us in the "home".

Lots of errands and hopefully some crafting/creating on today's agenda.

Next event is the upcoming Wine Festival in Safety Harbor next Sat. Anyone want to join us?


crazydarla said...

Oh what a fun time for you! I have no idea what any of the foods you listed were but they sound just divine! LOL Good ol' Idaho girl, just me and my spuds ROTF!
Enjoy your week - Darla

Michele L from Tampa said...

oh man i know everything you listed and know everything on that plate - can I just lick the plate? lol