Sunday, October 28, 2007

Party time!

Kristen and Chris had such a nice Halloween party at their house last Friday evening. I went over when she got home from work to help her set up and then E and I came back for the party later. We had a fun evening and it was nice meet their friends.

Yesterday was the first cyber crop at Kit n Kaboodle and it was so much fun. It was a small group but this company is on the go so I am sure the next one will be much bigger. So many of us on the site and the Dt company from other places which makes it even more fun!

I'll have to post my layout on the blog tomorrow that I did for my Trick or Treat challenge. I gave everyone one hour to complete a one page layout but they had to use H'ween colors, a black cat, witch's hat, pumpkin or ghost somewhere on the layout and it had to have journaling. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with...entries are not due until Tuesday.

Today we are off to the Greek Festival here in town. We are thinking that with traffic and the narrow twisty streets here, we will ride our bikes. Thinking of heading to town around noon or one, have lunch, walk around, listen to the music and watch the dancing for a bit and then heading on home.

Only a couple of days now until the NEW Hang Ten kit is revealed at This one is by Miss Elle and she is a wonderful designer. I've seen her oh so cute project and have to say, this is a must have and will sell out fast so don't delay in placing your order for one on Nov 1.

Love to all


Michele L from Tampa said...

oh man wanna hear about the greek festival! Ours here in Tampa is this coming weekend, man I would have loved to have gone to TS's instead since it would be real! Ours is too, but not home to the most greeks.

Linda M. said...

Great photos, Jules!

How did that cat keep the hat and bandana on long enough to get photos?!

LIZZEE said...

Great photos