Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wired for sound

Poor E, he had to sleep in all the rigamarole last night and has to wear it until he returns to the cardio dr. late this afternoon. He has a stress test scheduled for H'ween afternoon and we are hoping all this will help the experts get the root of the problem with his erratic heartbeat.

I am having lunch with a charming new friend I met while teaching my class at Ruban Rouge. She has very creative talents as evidenced by a lovely paper purse and broach she sent me. I am looking forward to this.

Tomorrow I will be heading over to Kristen and Chris' after she gets home from work to help her decorate for her H'ween party that evening. E and I were going to go a 2 retired people, but caved and bought costumes...we are two vampires. The cape and teeth are a concession to K. I'm giving a pass to the bloody lips. Hope to have some good pics for Sat.'s blog!

I bought the craft mat that Tim Holtz recommended and that we used during his classes at Ruban Rouge and I have to admit...

I LOVE IT! I get so stubborn sometimes about trying things and usually end up eating my words.

My friend, Miami Dawn is getting a challenge blog up for those of you who are like us and our friends. The proposed name "Outlaw Scrappers" pretty much says it
I'll update when I know more myself. We pretty much decided that our gang (pardon the pun) is a pretty talented group and we can learn so much from each other. We are hoping that lots of scrappers/altered artists/paper artists will join in the fun. We'll post a basic challenge and then watch and learn from we can all do with this... we love techniques so that will hopefully be a big part of this whole sharing.

Off to bike...I'm heading down to the sponge docks today. E is staying home...we'd hate to have one of those wires short out or fall off.


crazydarla said...

Oh Jules! I feel for E right now, a few years ago Ed had to have a gastric thing down his nose into his stomach for 48 hrs and life was miserable! Hope you get good results and answers!
The challenge board sounds amazing cool. Will it be open to anyone or just the gang? I would be interested for sure.
Enjoy your ride - luv ya! Darla

di said...

I sure hope they do find out what is going on. And Dawn's challenge group sounds awesome.

Jules said...

Darla, the group will be open to all...we are all "outlaws" at heart, right? Although I fancy my self a bit more of a Miss Kitty owner of the saloon with a garter on my leg! lol

Mary B said...

I loved Miss Kitty. She was the only reason I watched that show, LOL!! Love the "outlaw gang" challenge. I love something that helps me "think outside the box". And get some pictures and cards done to boot!!