Friday, October 26, 2007

Kindred Spirits

My new friend, Sandy, invited me over for lunch and crafting at her house yesterday. She lives about ten minutes from me and has such a lovely home. The lunch was a delightful combo of chicken salads, fresh greens, fresh roll, olives and home made mince pie (so yummy). She invited two or three others over to share their love of crafting and creating. Sandy had it all set up for us to make a darling project and her crafting room is to die for. She has done fiber purses, clay creations, jewelry, and shrines and all are amazing. These women are all so creative and open to trying new things and techniques. I want to learn with these women and from these women.

The project Sandy had ready for us resulted in necklaces which I wore home. She had tons of papers and transparencies from which we could select what we wanted for our two sided necklace. I went with all black and images of my favorite theme: vamps from the 20s and earlier. I plan to make several of these in colors for holiday gifts. What a fun day with kindred spirits...thanks Sandy!

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