Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jack the Cat in his 'finery'

Everyone has been so kind asking how Just Jack has been doing since we brought him home two days ago. He is doing aok! The stitches come out Thursday but not sure if he can lose the collar. Several have made suggestions that I embellish it for Jack for the holidays and I am giving that some thought....maybe some little lights around the rim or some holiday glitter and some stamping, you think?

Goof is having adjustment problems to Jack's return. Jack smells differently and, while Goof has not hissed at him, he seems put off by the collar and the fact that he (Goof) is not the center of attention any more. He got pretty use to being the only child the ten days Jack was at the vets. Jack has mellowed considerably and now sleeps all night with us, pressed as closely to E as he can with that collar on. He would seldom condescend to sleep with us before unless it was really cold. We call these Two Cat Nights!

I finished a project for KnK and posted it in the gallery. I'll try to put it up here later today or tomorrow....I had such fun glittering. BTW: be sure to watch the store at KnK as G-a, the owner, has some brand spankin' new stuff of Tim Holtz' going up this week. You won't want to miss these!

It is only a few days until the Dec Reveal at Creative Scrap Shack. I was fortunate to get both the sponsors' kit from Cosmo Cricket (oh my) and the Shack's December kit (ooh la la) and design lots of goodies with both. I am not usually a big card maker but have been having a blast doing some interesting enclosures and accordion cards. These will be up at the Shack on Dec. 1.

Have a great day!


Mary B said...

Oh, poor baby!!! I'm glad he's home and doing well. I warned DH that Melody might have one of those lamp shades when he picks her up today.

Pam in Moncton said...

Good to see Jack is doing well, but poor baby - he can't like that collar! Please don't torment hom by putting lights on it! (just kidding - I know you wouldn't do that really...I little ink maybe or rub-ons...)

crazydarla said...

LOL!!! I am so sorry, but those collars just crack me up! Poor lil' Jack - he seems to be dealing with it ok though? What we won't do for our feline friends....