Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh Christmas tree...oh Christmas tree...

We actually have 5 (count 'em) Christmas trees in our house. You've seen Lucille, my lime green retro tree who sits in my workroom in the shuttered window facing the street and you may have seen a pic of our new big tree, whom I've named Bella because she is so beautiful (but whom my friend Chris from the Shack calls but you may not have met E's tree that we refer to as his Charley Brown tree. It is this white branched bendable thing with bulbs on the ends of the spindly branches. It sits on the beer fridge out on the lanai in all its glory. E loves his Charley Brown tree! The other two trees are tiny on the entry way table to light the way in and out of our home and another tiny and unlit one in the guest bedroom. When E was a child, every member of his family had their own tree plus the big family tree. He says this is an old German custom (I guess the tiny trees are the cats in our While half of my family is German, we only had the one big family tree that I can remember. My dad's side of the family was French Canadian (Cyr) and only had one tree as well. I think I like E's way of thinking!


Looks like Tim Holtz' new products have hit the U.S. market running. I know of three places you can get what you want and have it shipped soon: the Grunge board, the shapes (Elements), the alphas with designs and not, the rulers, the hammers, the distress inks and will have to pick because I have strong ties to all three places: (in alphabetical order)Creative Scrap Shack, Hilltop Memories, Kit n Kaboodle. Or, for maximum fun, place a different order with each so you can see the Brown Guy lots (mine here is not as cute as the one in Ft. Myers but is not bad at all)!


:Jayne said...

E is right, we have had trees in all the kids rooms and then our one big one. Never in our bedroom tho, hmmm, I'll have to ask about that.
Love all your trees!


Nicole said...

Love the trees!

Mary B said...

Ahhhh.. DH used to have a Charlie Brown tree just like that in our front yard. But half the lights burnt out on it, and we haven't been able to find another one. (the ones at Kmart don't have nearly as many lights as that one.)