Wednesday, November 21, 2007

One more day 'til we shine!

Here at the Griswald', the Eickmeiers, we traditionally turn on the holiday lights both inside and out on Thanksgiving evening. Rumors that we have, in the past, caused major power outages is only semi true and fairly misleading. We have actually downsized a bit this year although I could not tell you how as there is very little left in the Christmas boxes that is not up or out somewhere. We have a few more things to take care of (a new lit wreath for one of the garage lights, Santa tied down on the rock waterfall above the pool, the reindeer out by rose bushes and a swag on the wall leading to the front door) but, for the most part, it is all systems go.

This is our main Christmas tree. We are collectors of glass ornaments and of hand painted and blown vintage looking Santas and the tree is laden with both. Unlike most else of ours, this tree has no name. I've thought about this and perhaps she/he should have a fitting title since Lucille, my retro tree, has a name and is about 1/4 or less the size of the large tree. Any thoughts?

We're off today to see the Kipper in St. Pete. Last summer at Pool School, E and I won this wonderful floating lounge. It has pontoons like a boat and, in our pool, feels like one too. This type of chair just happens to be Kip's favorite for floating in her pool so we are gifting it to her and taking it down. I am also returning a bottle of wine and her altered paper mache pumpkin she made at Creep Over and then left both in the van. I'm hoping Kip will feel good enough to go out to lunch with us as she has been having cold/sinus problems and on her week off from school too! Get better my friend.

Have a great day all and if you have any name suggestions for our tree, please leave them here!


:Jayne said...

I have no name suggestions, but it sure is a gorgeous tree!


Pam in Moncton said...

Wow! Where to start? Your decorations are spectacular! I have no idea what to name your tree but it is beautiful for sure. You found a perfect spot for Lucille too. I really enjoyed seeing your KNK offerrings. They are beautiful as usual and it is so fun to see your and Kip's creations in the newsletter and website. Did you see they have put out a call for people to apply to teach at Creative Escape next year? You probably got the email but if not look at the website. Bet you could show a few people how it's done! They pay you and give you a room etc.

Kip said...

The tree looks wonderful!!

Mae said...

Your ornaments are beautiful--we love the blown glass ones, also. Jules, the lo's in your previous are just gorgeous.