Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Look what Santa left us under Lucille! Goof has taken to napping in the small space under my retro Christmas tree. He seems to like the glitter and glow and he can also watch the neighborhood go by through the open slats of the shutters.

It is daily things like this for which I am thankful. And being thankful for my family and friends is such a given. I have good health, my family is close by and I have ample time to play and enjoy the company of kindred spirits. I am able to live in what has turned out to be the perfect place for E and I and we are both so appreciate of the life we have together.

Just Jack is doing so very much better. He will be able to come home tomorrow with an luck. Thanks to all who have kept this little guy in their thoughts. We appreciate it so very much.

Off to watch the parade and head over to Kristen's around noon. We have pennies for poker and food for our tummies. Who could ask for a better way to spend the day.

Have a great one!


Pam in Moncton said...

So glad to hear Jack is doing better. Poor little guy! Love the pictures of Goof under the tree. We have one cat who I know is going up the tree as soon as I put it up for him. Right now he is making do nicely with a box from Amazon, which he has taken as his own, and I don't dare throw it out as it makes him so happy! Happy Thanksgoving! I know you will have a great time with the kids.

Cheryl said...

Hope you have a fabulous Holiday!!!

Kath said...

The pictures of Goof made me smile - so cute! Thanks for sharing. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, TWINKS!!!

Mae said...

The pictures of Goof are absolutely prize winning.


eljay716 said...

pennies for poker??? nobody told me you played poker! Oh my I love you more everyday! I grew up playing poker and still get together with friends and my SiL when we can. I am jealous.
Goofy is adorable and looks like he is missing Just Jack. Hope he is home by now.