Monday, November 12, 2007

Remember our Vets and happy b'day Kristen!

Thirty one years ago, my dear daughter and most excellent friend, Kristin was born. Because of the way the school district had instituted the pregnancy policy, had I taken a leave of absence, I would have stood a big chance of not having my job when I returned, which, at the time, we could not afford. If, on the other hand, I took sick leave for the delivery and time after, I would not only be able to resume my job but would get paid for my time away and spend six glorious weeks with the baby. I had saved and saved my sick days just for this event. But, due to a twist in the policy, I would have to use up ten days before the actually delivery date given by my OB. With his wonderful cooperation, my "official" due date kept magically changing until neither of us were actually sure when I was estimated to deliver.

I got up that morning, waddled off to work with my packed bag in the trunk of the car where it had been for about two weeks and thought it was just another day. Lo and Behold, half way through giving out spelling words to my seventh graders, something strange began to occur. I already had one child but we all know how fast those memories of labor fade (a trick of Mother Nature's I'm not sure I can forgive)and, since I'd had false labor a couple of weeks before and was not going to visit the hospital again, I just continued to breath deeply and teach the youth of America. Or, I did until the contractions were about ten to twelve minutes apart.

I gave in, called my doctor and, at his insistence, drove myself to his office where he announced that unless I wanted to have my child there in his office, I should check into the hospital. What a worry wart he was! That was at about 2pm and my little girl did not arrive until after I had watched the six 0'clock news.

Kristen and I have evolved from mom and little girl to such good friends. She is witty and clever and funny and one of the hardest workers I've known. She is an excellent educator and her little students thrive with her. She and her hubby are two of our favorite people and we enjoy their company so very much. The times all three of the kids are here with us are some of our most joyful memories.

Thank you Kristen for being such a good friend and wonderful daughter. E and I love you and hope this day is a delight. See you tonight for supper.


LIZZEE said...

Ah Happy birthday what a grea story

Kip said...

Happy, Happy birthday Kristen!!!

Teresa said...

What a wonderful tribute to such a wonderful person. You have such a lovely daughter...a chip off the old block.... :-) Happy birthday Kristen.
We should also say Happy "birth" day to mom too. :-)

crazydarla said...

Well, a Happy Day to your dd from us here in Idaho too! Hope she had a great one! (my ds has that same Adidas sweatshirt btw!!)
Loved to hear your account of her arrival...