Sunday, November 11, 2007

Shop 'til we drop and we did!

For such an action packed two days, I have few photo for show and tell! Guess we were too busy laughing, eating, shopping, laughing, shopping, talking to take time for more. I know that Kip has some that are different than mine so cruise on over to her blog later for "the rest of the story".

I got to Kip's about ten am and we hit the road shortly thereafter. We had our usual hysteria on the trip down and I finally learned to get my voice mail messages off my cell phone...thanks Kip! And Teri, dear, thank you so much for the hand holding offer...wish I had known how to get it off the phone. E says thanks for the good wishes. You and your wonderful message are appreciated.

We got to Barb's with only a minor faux pas at the gate (and no, we didn't have to crash through it after all). G-a was there and ready to rock n roll. We called our pal Kim, but she had kids' soccer games Sat. :(....hope they both won, Kim!

Our first stop was across the river in Cape Coral at a new cute little scrap store called Strawberry Fields. The owner is a very talented young lady who has a darling store. I wish her the best of luck. We all dropped a few bucks there and moved on down the road. We took a pass with the second lss in Cape Coral, crossed the river and headed to Betty's Stamp Pad. I found some cool Vamp Stamps there but, for some reason, only bought a cute chipboard book in an ink well shape and some of Patricia DiBona's amazing vellum collage sheets.

We stopped for lunch at Hops and headed down to Wicked Rubber Stamps in Bonita Springs. Although it was only a bit after past 3, the owner waved us away saying she was closed, so we headed on to Janet's Scrapbooks Etc. just up the street. The pic of me with head on table was taken at Janet's at the end of our wonderful shopping spree. We all headed to the Fish House in Bonita for some fantastic food, libations and then there was the sunset....ahhhhhh!

The first picture is just one of those that had to be taken. Whenever we had company from up north, we would head down to Bonita Beach to Doc's Restaurant for burgers and then to the Bait Shop for the tourist photo. I even have a tee shirt from here but only wear it in the privacy of my

Speaking of home....good to be here. Hope your weekend was even half as much fun as mine and then I'll know you had a great one. Love, Jules

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