Thursday, November 15, 2007

Too much to do and too little time

Today is a 'honey do' kind of day. We have a holiday swag to drape across our huge slidrs out to the lanai, we have an arrangement that has to go on the shelf in the dinning room near the ceiling and then lights to get for the peppermint stick effect on the palm trees in the front yard. And, Just Jack appears to be blocked again. He just came off his antibiotics and we have no clue what is going on with him. We gave him the unclog meds and will have to see what happens.

Accompanied Kristen to Theresa's last night while she presented a Pampered Chef party and, let me tell you, Theresa's home is beautiful...move over Martha Stewart! She is making some really cute beach/spa tote bags and the one with the backward facing beach gal in a hat is a 'must have'. If you are interested, I'll put you in touch with her. She is working on towels to match the how cute will that be?

I've got to clean this room. In my creating frenzy over the past week, I have completely destroyed any semblance of order or cleanliness this room may have had. And now, Ruban Rouge is having a Black Friday sale starting at 8 am with 50% any item for a limited time...just what I need, more stuff! I can always use a cute QK die or adhesives, right?

Off to dream that the cleaning fairy shows up soon...


Pam in Moncton said...

I want to say I love what you did with the dress form! Wonderful. Good luck with your leaning and decorating.

Teresa said...

I am lucky to say that I saw your dress form "in person" and it is beautiful....great job. Thank you for coming along with Kristen last was a blast. Your daughter is such a her.