Sunday, December 30, 2007

Day One...the adventure in Paradise

We picked Steve and DeeDee up at the airport and by 1pm. had started our dollar special tour of Tarpon Springs. We breezed through the Sponge Docks as the girls will shop that while the guys watch football on New Year's at Chris'. We ended the tour at Rusty Bellies at the end of the docks. Kristen and Chris met up there and we had a great reunion of all of us. We had the specialty of the house, onion straws, for a starter and proceeded to grouper, mussels, rock shrimp and peeled steamed shrimp.

Our next stop was Miss Vickie's for sunset, boiled peanuts in cajun sauce and cold brews. The kids headed home and the four of us sat us watching football and talking until my eyelids were shutting far too often to be polite.

We are heading to breakfast at the Alley Cafe in town via bikes and the Pinellas Trail. We have to get in some exercise here or we'll all weigh 20 lbs. more than when Steve and D2 got here. Then it is off to John's Pass for a day playing tourist and yes, Kipper, we are planning food at Gator's!

Hope you have a great is the last Sunday of the year!

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Pam in Moncton said...

Looks like fun! Happy New Year to all!!!