Saturday, December 29, 2007

TGIF on the Anclote River

Kip came over yesterday to pick up some things she had left in our road trip car, Hot Mama, and we all went out to lunch at Miss Vickie's on the river. This place is the typical river bar here in Florida with the tattered beer flags, the cold beer and, of course, right next to a marina. The food is excellent and on weekends there is live music...beach music of course ala Jimmy Buffet!~

There is a little county park next door to the restaurant that is very popular on weekends and often the overflow parking can clog up Miss Vickie's small parking lot...but a wait is worth it.

Our company is due in around 11:30 am today and it will be so good to see Steve and DeeDee. I think the last time we saw them was when we went home to St. Louis right before Thanksgiving either last year or the year before. We enjoy their company so much and they know us well and love us

I doubt I will be able to do much scrapping but I sure will have a mess of adventures to share. I'll try to blog every day if I can.

Our game plan for today after the airport, is to come back here and let them unpack. Then we'll hit the Sponge Docks for a late lunch at Rusty Bellies and try to find the elusive 9ft. Sponge Christmas tree that we keep reading and hearing about but have never been able to find. Lunch will be followed by the dollar tour of our cute little town and then home for libations and a light supper. What will really take place is anyone's

Have a great day, all.

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Pam in Moncton said...

Looks like a fine day yesterday and another planned for today. That is such a great spot to sit and eat. Marcel would say if he saw those pictures: there's someone fishing! What is he fishing for? Have a great time with your visitors.