Saturday, December 22, 2007

Love the cards...

One of the downsides of our move last May was the loss of our Christmas card list and our angel that hung from a door where we displayed our holiday cards. I have been trying to resurrect the list and have often replied to cards sent to us rather than having mailed them from our master list.

Once the cards started arriving, I was faced with the problem of where to put them. So many wonderfully creative friends have hand made lovely cards to send (like Janet Planet and Michele to just name two)and I wanted to display all the ones hand made or otherwise somewhere.

Bless Pier One....I found this wonderful iron Christmas tree that has plenty of curls from branches in which to tuck the beautiful cards. and bless all of you who have sent us cards. You have made our first Christmas in our new one to remember.

Happiest of Holidays!

1 comment:

Michele L from Tampa said...

I see mine. So glad it arrived and you liked it :)