Sunday, December 23, 2007

Thanks Dad!

We got a nice Christmas card from my dad this year with a crisp hundred dollar bill inside. We decided to use this to take ourselves out to a lunch and a dinner. For the lunch we went to Miss Vicki's, one of our favorite places on the river right before it empties into the Gulf. The food is plentiful and tasty and the beer cold. The view is what we love so much.

We had fully intended to give the new Italian place in the historic part of Tarpon Springs a shot. When I drove by the other day, waiters in proper attire were inside and one waved at me. I had assumed the place was now open for business. So, we dressed up (me in my new silver holiday top paired with a long black skirt and E in long pants for a change) and off we went. But, alas, it was not to be...the place had all the tables set but no one was home.

E had been wanting to try a place up on 19 called Angellino's so off we went. 19 is like any other thorough fare...6 lanes of non stop traffic with chain restaurants, home repair place and strip malls galore. I would rather eat someplace cute like The School House Restaurant on Alt. 19 that is quiet and has, if not a view, at least atmosphere.

But we tried Angellino's and were pleasantly surprised. The food, as you can see, was more than plentiful. We'll be having this for lunch and supper and maybe even another lunch before it is gone. The place is softly lit and the staff attentive. We did ask to be moved from the tiny booth we were first given but our request was honored pleasantly. My only complaint would be that the front desk staff was a gaggle of young girls who seemed a bit more interested in chatting amongst themselves than they were making sure we were ok. Our waitress was an older woman who was attentive and knowledgeable about the food selections. I just wish that when she took our picture, she'd have mentioned my bra showing a bit when I leaned into the picture...oh well. I had veal in a white wine sauce with mushrooms, green veggies and 2 kinds of melted cheese over pasta. E had a shrimp dish that was to die for.

So, many thanks Dad and happy holidays to all!


Kip said...

Hey, it's "in" to show your bra nowadays!! The dinners looked yummy..nice of your dad to do that.

MadMT said...

LOL, I didn't notice and when I went back up to look it looks to me like you're wearing two layers. But hey, I'm in TN so I think layers in the WINTER. LOL. The food looks divine. I really love a good Italian pasta.

Jules, I enjoy reading your blog; I found you through Ruban Rouge site. Great stuff. I finally got a Blogger ID so I can comment. :)