Sunday, January 06, 2008

All good times must end....

Steve and DeeDee are home sleeping in their own bed right now I am sure. While it is always fun to travel and see old friends, I know they will agree when I echo Dorothy from the W.O.Oz and say, "There is no place like home".

We headed out about 1pm yesterday for a toddy at Captain Jack's which is a fun place on the water just up the street from us. Usually on Sat.'s there is some kind of music but not yesterday and we may have been a bit too early for that. We next headed to Ozona for some good eatin' at Molly Goodhead's. Steve and Dee Dee bought some cute tee shirts and we met up with the kids for lunch. Steve and Gene had the shooter cocktails (a raw clam, cocktail sauce and horseradish...YUCK)! The rest of us joined them for real food.

Our next stop was the airport and we came home to some football for E and a nice long nap for me. I am getting a cold and have put it off all week so I would not miss any of the fun. I think I need to get into the hot tub and steam away some of the headache, stuffed nose and raspy lung stuff.

We have schedules very little today despite the fact that the trees are still up and we have assorted holiday decor all over the house. We do want to bike into town to watch the throwing of the cross into the bayou and the diving for it by the young boys for the Greek Church celebration of the Epiphany
Other than that, I'll be playing in my workroom and E will be glued to the tv...there is football on


Deanna said...

There seems to be so many fun places to see down where you are! I really want to come and check it out one day! I love reading your posts! Have a wonderful day!

Michele L from Tampa said...

did you make it down there today, I wanted to head over but did not get up - fell back asleep. Perfect place to find my Greek God!