Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sat. in Dunedin

When we lived in St. Louis, we would go to some of the local micro brewerys with our pals. And in May we would head to Forest Park to the Brew Festival. We had been to the micro brewery in Dunedin a couple of years back with Kristen but had not been back since. Sat. was our day for this. There was also a big farmers' market on the village green with tons of fresh fruit and veggies....yum! I tried and Apricot Beer and DeeDee tried the sampler tray. After some snacks we headed back to our favorite hang out here in Tarpon Springs, Snookers. The outside bar where we normally hand out was closed so we had lunch inside. The bar is shaped like a boat complete with the captain wheel house...such a fun place.

Today we are having E's famous (or infamous) caramel pancakes with pecans and ice cream for breakfast. Around one we will meet the kids for lunch at Molly Goodheads (cute place in Ozona) and then off to the airport. This visit has been so much fun. We've gone some places we would not have and eaten at some new restaurants. We have always had a good time with our pals Steve and DeeDee...hurry up and retire you two and join us here!

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