Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sorry about the lack of posting here

It has been one of those weeks, where I hit the ground running! Had such fun with G-a, Barb, Sonia and Kip starting last Friday and ending Sunday that I my sides are just now starting to not hurt so much from all the laughing. You gals are something else!

I wanted to finish E's Valentine project and then got waylaid doing rub on transfers onto glass containers and using up some of my stash of PDQ papers from Bisous.Biz that I completely forgot to blog.

We have company coming to visit and I got a wee bit confused on the dates. Senior moments I guess. JoAnne and Bill arrive Thrus. not Wed. as I had thought and will come over to spend the day with us on Friday when we will give them our $1.50 tour of Tarpon Springs and play.

Jo and I have been friends since we were 15! It is amazing to me that we can go weeks and even months sometimes without talking and when we do, it seems not a day has passed. We have our ancient jokes (Let's be Frank and Ernest and neither one of us wanted to be Ernest so we'd fight over who got to be Frank)and our silly memories....like the time my mom went out of town and we told her I could stay at Jo's. We told Jo's mom she'd be spending the night with me. We bought a pack of cigarettes and stayed up all night! Silly us.

She is Rob's godmother and Kristen's by proxy so we will have everyone over for a bbq on Sunday. Rob has even agreed to trim his ZZ Topp beard for the occasion. (Memo to self: get lots of pics of Rob with his neat and tidy beard)!

Off to run some errands and I promise to do better with this blog! Love to all

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