Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It is Tues morning in Paradise!

The paver guy is coming...the paver guy is coming. He called yesterday and said he'd have started then but we didn't return his call. Stupid land line didn't ring. Can't wait til we get that fixed. I hope he starts work in the back and E hopes he starts in the front...oh well. It will take about 3 days total he says for the work to be completed. (pictures to follow later today)

Have some small scrap projects brewing here and tomorrow is the KnK kit reveal for May...the kit is awesome and I've done a layout so far and a small tag book from Sunday International. I'll post the kit on here tomorrow!

My sister, niece, nephew in law and great niece arrive late this evening. We need to inflate the big blow up bed for my sister and I still have one bathroom to clean. Can't wait to see the family again. We have a special day planned for Sat. with good food and all of us together. Hope the solar kicks in and the pool is warm enough to swim!

Off and running. Hope your day is a good one!

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Doug Bagley said...

sounds like a wonderful time y'all are going to have. Let's know all about it.