Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Just another Wed. in Paradise

Had The Foot (as it is becoming known) x-rayed this morning. Because of our strange insurance policy, I had to go to New Port Richey at the hospital there to get it done rather than at the hospital here in Tarpon Springs (same co. run hospital too)or at one of the dozens of xray places near here. But, we did get to see how cute downtown New Port Richey is and found a couple of restaurants that look interesting so the morning was not a total loss.

We're been having major problems with our land line phone connection. We thought at first that we just needed a new phone but the new one is not ringing or taking messages just like the old one did. We're calling the phone company and, if they can't fix this, we'll drop our land line and go with our cells like Chris and Kristen and Rob do.

We're a bit overcast again today so doubt if the pool will warm up any. The solar heat works great but does need more sun than we've gotten the last couple of days. E has been working on the yard getting it ready for the workers coming (with any luck) next Monday who will put in the meandering walkway and the other work in the front. There were railroad ties all around a tree in the side yard leading down to the lower lawn and he had to remove these. It looks better already.

My sister, my niece and nephew in law and my great niece are stopping next week for one night on their way through to Orlando and then will visit a couple of days that following weekend. We'll have the kids over and celebrate a couple of belated birthdays. My great niece, Kaela, wants to scrap with her Aunt Julie...can't wait!

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