Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Where is that cleaning faerie when I need her?

First, one of our amazing hibiscus in full bloom. This baby has to be 5 inches, at least, across and is so pretty it takes my breath away. Next is one pic of the disaster I created today on my work table. I am down to my usual 2 feet of work space and KnK's newest kit just arrived in the mail. I have got to clean so I can play. And then, play I did today. Everyone needs to take an Experiment Day at least once every three weeks or so. Today was mine. Somerset Life and Somerset Home have the best challenges ever. I've been altering martini glasses as gifts forever now (and yes, Linda dear, you are right...I should offer this as a class. Heaven knows I have enough goodies for a big one). These are two I did today...took on the challenge and played with some new techniques. And then another shot of the mess on my desk. If you think I am trying to shame myself into cleaning up this place, you are so right!

Happy scrapping all.


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Doug Bagley said...

When you find the cleaning fairy, send her/him my way, will ya? Hey, I have a publisher interested in seeing more of my writing for a possible book deal. Crossing my fingers

:Jayne said...

That would be a cool class with the altered martini glasses!
I have that same Hibiscus in my yard. We put them in last year. I just love the exotic hibiscus'.
Congrats on your blog award!