Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tarpon Springs Fine Arts Festival

We headed down to Craig Park on Spring Bayou yesterday for the art festival that everyone said is a must see...and they were right. There were about 250 vendors with everything from blown glass to hand made leather goods. We were so tempted so many times.

There was live music and a wide variety of food. We got the gyros and Greek salads and a couple of cold brews.

I love Craig Park on the bayou. The side walk meanders along side of the water with live oaks draped in Spanish Moss providing shade. I've heard this area referred to as the Golden Crescent as it is where the wealthy northerners built their winter homes. The house in the photo is just one of my many favorites. If I ever win the lottery, there is one that is up for sale that would make a great scrap retreat b&b!

After the fair, we headed home to float in the pool. The weather today has changed so radically, that I am afraid we'd freeze parts off trying to swim so will settle for scrapping the afternoon away. Rob is due over to see if our computer woes are 'mom induced' or if the cable guy will have to fix it.

Have a great day!

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