Thursday, May 22, 2008

Flower Power

The garden is coming along day by day. We seem to have fixated on purple, lavender and pink in our selections with one poor little orange flowered plant that sticks out like a sore thumb. (Memo to self: variety is the spice of life).

I did another page for my "Through My Garden Gate" album for the Gauntlet contest at Scrapperie and can post it early next week. You can view it in the Gallerie there if you do not want to

KnK's crop was way fun! We laughed and scrapped and Bingo with Laura was a stitch. Can't wait til the next one.

E is getting his 6wk. blood work done today and then off to the grocery store, of course.

We are finally getting some rain here but it is still just sprinkles here and there. It has been a chore keeping our plants alive even though most are bred for low water need. Baring any rain tonight, we are meeting up with Sandy and Walt at Sunset Park for the Parrot Head band concert. Our little town has some sort of music the last Thurs. of every month at the park on the beach. We had such a great time the last time we went, we knew we did not want to miss this one. We are to meet up at 6 and share supper before the for pics. Hoping the rain comes early and the concert doesn't get called off.

Enjoy your day

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Chris said...

beautiful flowers!!!!!!!!!!!