Friday, May 23, 2008

It was a dark and stormy night...

Well, not really but it did rain on us at the Sunset Beach concert last night. We had debated most of the afternoon. Should we have Sandy and Walt over here for our share supper or stick to our original plan to meet at the park for the last Thurs. of the month concert here in Tarpon Springs? We decided to take the chance on not getting two wet and go. We were fortunate to find a table under the pavilion roof and stayed high and dry. We did get spritzed on during the concert but Sandy had an extra umbrella so we stayed relatively dry. Thanks Sandy! The trio was loud and enthusiastic and played music we could sing along to (quietly of course for E and I do NOT sing)! We left at the break and, once again, did not win any of the drawings...we were really pulling for Sandy and Walt to win the grand prize which was this incredible lava lamp with a parrot perched atop. Now, who wouldn't want that? But, alas, they didn't win either.

We had a great evening!

I've added some new tunes to the music machine on here. Most have a summer theme and I am certainly in the mood for long walks on the beach, floating in the pool and loads of good summer about you?

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Kath said...

I'm with you, Twinks - I've spent the last two evenings on the balcony, just watching night fall over the ocean - it's been quite calm, so Wed night I could hear the jazz on the beach concert from my balcony - love summer in florida!!! Glad you had a good time - sorry about the lava lamp, LOL!