Friday, June 13, 2008

My new pup!

My mama plant is giving her last hurrah. The flower is beautiful but it also means that I need to cut out the mama plant after the bloom falls off so the pup (that is what the plant guy told me they call the off shoots)can thrive. I have another mama plant that has also had a pup but that one is not yet in bloom so she has a lot longer to soak up the sun before it is kaput for her too.

My ToDo list grows faster than I can delete items from it but I did get tons done today already. I did my Glimmer Mist technique (blending colors in two ways) for KnK, finished my card for my layout and card with the June Kit, have a running list of sign ups for my 2 classes Linda is kindly letting me teach at the Hilltop Memories Birthday Crop, returned my over due library books and checked out some new ones. Sent some product out to a couple of people for an article I am writing for Issue #4 of Scrapbook News and Review,mailed a goody bag off to a challenge participant at knk and am running load after load of laundry. I can hardly stand myself, I've been so good!

E says we're going out to happy hour later this afternoon. After all, even retired people have Fridays too! We're thinking about heading to Miss Vickies on the Anclote. We haven't been there in a while and nothing reminds me more of weekends than watching boats go by on the river and people singing along to music!


Chris said...

too cool great pics

Kip said...

You were a busy lady Friday!!

WAgal said...

Holy crap, I thought you got a dog!! LOL!