Thursday, June 12, 2008

What a great day

Well, here we are in all our glory or in all our something! lol. Janet and I headed up to Ruban Rouge around ten and Kip met us shortly thereafter. We had such fun cropping the day away. We had the entire crop room all to ourselves and we really spread out as you can see. I overdosed on M and M s and Cheese Its but did manage to get almost all of my Summer album done that I started at one of the wonderful Hilltop Memories crops a bit ago. I will post the album when I get it finished.

We ate at a nice Italian restaurant but the waitress was a bit lacking in service. She was eating her lunch at a table a few away from us so her concentration and attention appeared to be else where.

It was good to spend fun time with the gals and only wish the rest of the Cabana Girls could have been with us too...along with Hilltoppers and KnK wouldn't that be an awesome experience.

Off to water plants...still no rain here and we need it so badly!


crazydarla said...

Looks like an amazing and fun time! You girls always have such a grand party together - and Janet ALWAYS has the biggest, sweetest smile! SOMEDAY I'll get to see all this and experience it with the girls in paradise right????

Roz said...

whaaaaaaaaaa...looks like fun, and I would have loved to come hang with you! Maybe one day over the summer Kath, Kelcey and I will plan a play day with you guys.