Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kip's Non-birthday celebration

Well, the best laid plans of mice and men are often subject to change. E had run to the store for something and about ten minutes after he left, I heard a big boom. And sure enough, a transformer in the area blew. Sure am glad we have sky lights in the bathroom or I'd probably have looked a bit like a clown trying to comb hair and put on make up in the dark.

So, no electric=no a/c (and it has been in the upper 80s/lower 90s here today), no stove, noooooo lunch for the Kipper on her non-birthday!

Moving on to Plan B...after Kip and I shopped at RR, we headed home. After she 'opened' her non-birthday gifts (i use the term 'opened' loosely as I was out of wrapping paper), we took water and headed down to the lower lawn while E showered.

Our next stop was one of the restaurants here that we had yet to take Kip...Rusty Belies. I love the place! In addition to great food, the view is amazing. It is a bit of old Florida with a boat repair business on one side and shrimp boats tied up on the other. We ate on the open air porch right on the water and got a great cross breeze. We started with the complimentary hush puppies, followed by the great onion strings and then our lunch. Kip had the fried shrimp; I got the shrimp po'boy and E got the cheesy steak sandwich.

Of course, I had to tell on Kip and the waitress brought her a non-birthday treat at the end of our meal: a fried banana fantango...or something like that. It was so goooooooood and the Kipper shared nicely!

So, the power is back on...obviously and E and I will be dining on the muffalatas we could not serve for lunch as our supper!

Hey Kip buddy! Hope your non-birthday was a good one...and yes! you still have a few days left to be in that "other" age bracket!

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Dana said...

OMG! I am soooo hungry after looking all that delicious looking food! YUM! Thanks for stopping by my blog hope to see you again :) Dana