Friday, August 08, 2008

Short Ride to the Sponge Docks

The sun was out and the breeze mild when I started today's biking adventure. By the time I had cleared North Anclote Park and got onto the Pinellas Trail, the clouds had moved in and the wind had picked up. When I felt a few drops and the thunder started booming at me, I made tracks for home ASAP. I only got a bit over 7 miles in today.

This first picture was taken of the marsh lands looking north. My house is to the right of the white buildings on the right (condos) and back from the river by a bit. We live one mile from Dodecanese Blvd. which forms the main drag for the touristy part of town, the historic Sponge Docks.

There are candy and soap shops and tee shirts and hand embroidery places and upscale clothing stores mixed in with deep sea fishing excursions along with boat rides out to Anclote Key where the lighthouse can be found and tours of the bayous just off the river.

The restaurants are plentiful and serve authentic Greek cuisine along with fresh fish markets.

This is a working port too with shipbuilding across from the Sponge
Docks and many sponge boats. Tarpon Springs is still considered to be the Sponge Capital of the World and we have a sign to prove it! lol

Coming up on the 16th is the Greek Wine Festival and we are going for sure. This little town sure has tons of festivals and all we have attended have been great!

Our company coming has had car problems so won't be here until supper time. Guess what I am going to do meanwhile.


croppin carla said...

Cool picks Jules.....sorry your bike ride was cut short.

Mae said...

Sounds like a wonderful place to explore---on a bicycle.