Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thank heaven it is Thursday

These were two of the layouts I did for Scrapbook News and Review last month for the column I write called, "Featured Manufacturer". For July, I focused on Memories in Uniform which also donated the {Life}Jacket album that was the give away on my blog not too long ago.
The first layout is of my Uncle Edward, my mother's brother. This is one of the few photos I have of him and I went according to the dates my Nana wrote on the back of the photo. The second layout is of my Uncle Harlan in France in WWII. His division was with Patton and I ended up with a bunch of his photos that he took and had sent home to my aunt, his wife. The dog tags are his official ones and were in a tiny box with the photos.
Amy Alfaro, who with her husband, owns Memories in Uniform, has such great products for military and vintage scrapping.
I woke up with vertigo for the second morning in a row. Unlike yesterday morning, this time it is not going away. I am ok if I sit upright and move my whole body rather than move just my head. I had this once before and have some meds for it. Off to dig them up.

I did finish the tray I have been altering fo the past couple of days and will post it tomorrow or Sat., depending on how long things take to set up and dry. It is all about my great grandmother's house in Hudson Iowa with a great photo of my Aunt Marion at about age one.

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:Jayne said...

Sorry to hear about your vertigo. As you know I suffer greatly from this. Here's a proceedure the dr. tried on me and it worked for awhile. Mine still comes and goes.
Good luck, I hope you get feeling better!