Thursday, October 16, 2008

Autumn in the Air

It has been delightfully cool here in the early morning and evening. My star and night blooming jasmine (thank you Jill) are both in bloom and are saturating our yard with sweetness both day and night.

We got so many errands run yesterday: exchanged my new snowman for one whose snow globe lit up properly (and E bought me a second one!), hit Fresh Market for shatakii mushrooms (I love that place and could spend hours roaming the aisles), picked up some lovely bottles (3 each from Pier One) for Gerri-anne and Barb, went to two banks, and hit another grocery store on the way home hunting for sun dried tomato and basil pita chips for our company on Sat. to go with a white bean dip E is making.

My cold is progressing "nicely". I awoke this morning with my voice sounding like Brenda Vacarro (remember her? she has that sultry, smokers' voice)and my head feeling like it is wrapped in cotton...oh, and did I mention the runny nose? lol This too shall pass. According to Linda (Hilltop Memories) this usually takes about two weeks to run its course. I'll be fit by Creep Over!

Got great news the other day. There are only two of my Haunted House kits left for sale at KnK. If you are not a member, you can order one by contacting Gerri-anne, owner, at

The two layouts are ones I did yesterday. I was sorting papers and came upon some Spring Fling ones by Pink Paislee. I like the cute owl and had fun with that one. The "Our Table" not so much. The table is E and my special table at Little Winery of the Hills in St. Charles and I did want to scrap it. Well, it is done! Moving through these pictures from our vacation pretty steadily for me!

Off to the hot tub to steam my head. Love to all


sos pronto intervento said...

it's beautiful work..;)

Laura said...

Love, love the layouts Jules!! The first is my favorite.

Linda Cain said...

EXTREMELY cute! Love it!
Linda Cain