Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Parade

There is something special about small towns. And this is one of them: the Christmas Parade. E had a chance to go fishing yesterday, something he has not done very much of lately so I gathered my stadium chair, a book and my camera and headed to town. Since we only live a mile from there, it didn't take me long. I had a chance to watch the little kids and their parents gather and stake out places along the street and watch the anticipation build.

There were (I heard later) over 125 entries and they were pretty much what one would expect. My favorites were the Shriner clowns and the long array of antique fire trucks.

After the parade, I walked down to the bayou and did a bit of manatee watching then took myself out to lunch in town at the Greek Pizza, a place I had never tried. Oh my...I'll surely be going back there again...yummy!

signing off humming, "I love a parade"! and happy holidays to you all!


altar ego said...

What manatees? I keep hearing rumors that they exist, but whenever I go manatee watching they never materialize. Methinks that perhaps manatees are like Santa--evidence everywhere, but no real proof! LOL!!

W.O.T.E. said...

Altar Ego, I have seen the manatee and it was not just at the holidays kissing mommie!

J- your photos came out great, feels like i was there!

Coden said...
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Michele L from Tampa said...

cool parade, even ronald came