Tuesday, December 23, 2008

T'was the day before the day before the night...

well, you get the idea! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and that is when we celebrate in our family. We use to open family gifts on Christmas Eve and stocking on the 25th. but poor Christopher has to work on Christmas morning so we are doing it all this year on Christmas Eve.

Chris also has to work until 5 ish on Christmas Eve so Kristen and Rob will come over mid afternoon and we will wait til Chris gets here to walk Spring Bayou hunting for the luminary bag with our family names and have supper. Then come the gifts!

The rest of the family, my sister and her boyfriend, my niece and great niece will all gather here sometime between the 28-30th for our Christmas with them.

I have a couple of small things to complete today and a few last minute cards to write and get in the mail. I'll 'fluff' up the house tomorrow and call it done. I taped Pearl Harbor off the tv the other night and want to watch that sometime soon. E is cooking the turkey and ham for Christmas Eve's supper so the house is going to smell so yummy.

K and I ended up having lunch at Daily Eats in Hyde Park. What beautiful homes there are there...I could move into any one of them at the drop of a hat. We had a great day and K found the cutest top and some jeans on sale when we hit the International Mall (my first visit there!).

More tomorrow...have a great day!

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Kip said...

You guys went to the good areas for shopping! Love Hyde Park and would move there too!