Sunday, December 07, 2008

Tarpon Springs Boat Parade

They could have canceled the parade when so few boats had signed up to be in it but the valiant little city did not want to disappoint the scads of little kids who turn out here every year to see Santa arrive. So, they went ahead with the parade...all six boats. And they were beautiful and my hat is off to the owners who, in this sucky economy, expended money, time and effort to create a winter wonderland, however brief, on our waters.

E and I parked ourselves on a hillside overlooking the basin of Spring Bayou and listened to the holiday music coming from the display on the wharf and watched the kids get more and more excited. The houses on the bayou were lit and aglow and the reflections in the water were so lovely. And then, around the bend came the first boat and the second and a pause followed by a few more until the biggest boat of all, the most decorated one turned the corner and we heard, "Ho Ho HO". The boat parked at the wharf and off stepped (or rather jumped) that darling jolly ol' fella himself, Santa Claus, with candy and well wishes for all.

Bravo Tarpon Springs. I am proud to call this home.


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Mae said...

How festive!!