Monday, December 15, 2008

Where to begin...

You wait and wait for a special event and, before you know it...poof! it is past! The past four days have been so filled with love and laughter and joy that I am at a loss for words. Yes, I know. You are probably shocked! lol

I'll try to start at the start since this blog is often for me a day by day record of my life. It enables me to recall specifics that often blur into hazy recollections, mostly happy ones but hazy nonetheless.

So, on Friday, E and I drove to the airport to pick up dear Jill who had flown in from North Carolina. We got her settled into her room (which Kip, who is the actual 'owner' of said room, according to Kip, had so kindly loaned Jill)and fed her some breakfast. Within a few hours, G-a and Barb called as they were crossing the (gasp) Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Barb said she was glad I was not there as the winds were gusting and it would be hard for G-a to see if I was sitting on her lap in fear!).

When the girls arrived and we got them settled in, we all four took off for an adventure. Barb had not been to Dunedin in eons and the little town was decked out in Christmas array. We had lunch at the Bon Appetite on the Gulf and then shopped til we dropped. (no pictures here of that but will upload some tomorrow). E fixed us a divine supper of pastititso, Greek salad, olive bread and lime cheese cake topped with fresh raspberries and a raspberry glaze. We stayed up late late talking and laughing.

Sat. morning we hit the deck running. E put fuel in our tanks by way of a Mexican casserole with salsa on the side. Our first stop was the hairdresser for Barb and G-a. Now, Barb and I are like sisters and, if you can't tell your sister when she really really needs a haircut, than you are not close! I called to make her an appointment at the my salon and G-a wanted one too. OMG...wait until you see what my gal, Heather, did to these already attractive gals...they look like dynamite! Way to go Heather. While they were getting swanky, Jill and I headed to TJ Maxx as her packages for the Stocking Exchange arrived in what we will say was less than pristine wrapping paper was called for immediately.

After TJ Maxx, out for a tiny bit of holiday shopping...once you start, it is so hard to stop, you know! And Barb, G-a and Jill all had to make a grocery store run. It was the discovery of a Starbucks right close to my house that did us in!

We had to be home by 1pm as the Kipster was on her way up from St. Pete. E served us a muffalata salad for lunch and we hit the road running. After lunch, we all hit Big Lots and Beall's Outlet and one other store which has been lost in that haze I was telling you about.

(Part II tomorrow)

I have missed blogging so be prepared! Love to all


Janet M said...

Nice post of all the fun and activities that all of you did. I'm glad that the exchange event turned out so good.
Looking forward to more pictures.

W.O.T.E. said...

I worn out from all the running around you did! Can't wait to hear (and see) more about your girlie adventures. And those dishes sound succulent!